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What to Wear: Winter Edition

Updated: Feb 2

Going outside can be brutal in the winter. Here on the Outer Banks, it may not get that cold, but we get blasted with high winds coming off the water. Most days, I'd rather stay inside with a good book, spend time writing in my journal, or make art of any type with a fresh, cup of hot tea beside me.

However, I know this isn't good for me, the dog or the baby! When my husband's paternity leave ended, my greatest challenge, aside from navigating all things newborn, was to make sure the dog got a walk.

Getting myself, the dog and an infant out the door isn't an easy trick. To make things simpler on myself, I wanted to make sure I had the proper attire. Here's what I've been wearing to make sure our walks are as comfortable as they can be, no matter what the weather throws at us:

Top: North Face Beanie | Prana Cozy Up Tee | Prana Sunrise Sweatshirt

Middle: Patagonia Better Sweater | REI Revelcloud Down Jacket | Ragwool Fingerless Gloves

Bottom: Bombas Wool Socks | Eddie Bauer Fleece Lined Pants | EMU Boots

I love fabrics that dry quickly, wick moisture and allow me to move freely. These pieces are great at blocking the wind, keeping me warm and even keep me dry in a drizzle. They go the distance and I love that I can wear them multiple times in a row before throwing them in the wash, depending on much spit up there was that day.

* I'm not affiliated with any of these brands. Although I wouldn't turn down the offer!

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