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Cloth Diapering : Getting Started

Cloth diapering isn't for everyone. I get it. No judgement here. But, for those that are curious or maybe even considering it for their family, here's the scoop on how we're handing the poop:

The Diapers: I registered for a variety of options on Amazon. I figured some were better than others, but since they all had good reviews, I wanted to have an assortment and hope that some of them worked than to go all in with one brand to find out that it wasn't our best match. We have Simple Being, Alva Baby, Wegreeco, and CSKB. So far, so good. The CSKB are a bit questionable, which makes sense given that they were also the cheapest. They have less snaps which could lead to more blowouts. The inside is more of a towel/fleece material, its nice on his skin, but it seems less absorbent than the others. We'll see how they hold up, I have my doubts, especially as he grows. Tip: If I could change anything, I would consider spending slightly more to get patterns I loved. It's trivial, but you will be looking at it every other day for the next year+. Might as well pick designs that make you smile and looks cute on your kid. Joy is often found in the details.

The Wipes: Our motivation for cloth diapering was part financial, and part environmental. Using cloth wipes only made sense. These fleece wipes are my favorite. They're a similar and shape as using a disposable wipe so most times I only need one. This solution smells great and is super easy to use. Pop a cube in a peri bottle, shake it up, and it's good to go.

Tip: If you have old blankets or clothes, you could cut those up and use them as wipes too!

Cleaning: To access my washer I have to go outside and downstairs, so I prefer to rinse. (Some moms skip this step and just chuck the dirty diapers in the washing machine and run it when they're ready.) I use a handheld sprayer and stash them in a bag.

Having a splatter guard makes clean up go much faster. In the image above you can see a trash can next to the toilet... my husband cut the bottom off allowing me to spray while blocking the splatter. I place the trash can in the plastic bin we got from the hospital, next to the toilet so I don't drip water all over the floor (a tupperware container would work as well). They sell an official guard, but the trashcan/chip clip hack saved us some coin.

Tip: Splurge on some nice hand soap. That way when you're done doing the dirty work, you can treat yourself to a luxurious hand washing experience. Little rituals that positively stimulate your senses help to curb the feelings of overwhelm and frustration that inevitably arise when a newborn is around. Creating moments of balance and joy is all about the details.

Laundry Day: I wash on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I use the same detergent for the diapers as I do our clothes. Emptying the bags into the wash is my least favorite part. Things definitely get a little ripe after sitting in a bag. Tip: Take a deep breath and hold it.

Line drying is the way to go. The sun bleaches out the poop stains. It's a miracle to watch. Blows my mind every time. I could take pictures to show you, but it would be way more fun if you got to witness it for yourself. (That trick also works on blowouts. Wet the garment, leave it in the sun, poop stain gone. Thanks to the mom on Instagram for that little tip!) I thought I'd hate this part... hanging wet clothes in the winter wind... turns out I kinda like it, it's fun.


That's a lot of information to get you started. I'll pop back in with more as we go. If you have questions feel free to send them my way! There's joy in numbers :)

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